Southern Asia Adventist Association, Inc.

Established since 1961

Ronald Ninala,      Director​

Sudhir S. Pandit,  President

Joseph Pakkianathan,       Secretary​

Mission of SAAA
The primary purpose of the Southern Asia Adventist Association (SAAA) is to serve and further the religious, educational, social, cultural and economic interests of its members, to enhance the fellowship among people of Southern Asian Adventist heritage, and to contribute to the betterment of all in need.

Vision of SAAA
SAAA will energize its youth to continue the fellowship from generation to generation, foster Indo-American culture, and build the organization to a level of stability where the main focus of its activities will be to enable the members and the community to meet its stated mission in a more tangible way. SAAA will develop cultural awareness and programs that would be shared with the community based on Christian values centered around the religious, social and charitable activities sponsored by the association.

​Executive Team

SAAA board

Paulson Tharapatla,  Treasurer​

Joseph Pakkianathan​,   Secretary

Rajan Thomas,  Chairman

Dr. Subramanian Varadarajan,  Public Relations

Maharajan Ponraj,  Assistant Treasurer

Paulson Tharapatla,  Treasurer 

Dr. Michael I. Osuri,        Past President

Jeyasingh Vedamuthu,  Director​

Dr. David Koilpillai,    ​ Director​

Dr. Ravi Narsiah,  Director​

About SAAA
     The Southern Asia Adventist Association, Inc. (SAAA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, which was informally organized in 1961 by a group of Seventh-day Adventist immigrants from the countries of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and Myanmar (formerly Burma).  Its current membership reflects this nationalistic diversity though many members are now U.S. citizens or in the process of becoming citizens.   
     SAAA was started mainly as a cultural organization to provide social interaction for its members. Through the years it has evolved into a service-oriented entity. Some of its activities include or have included the following:
                                      Monthly religious services
                                      Fund-raising for various humanitarian projects in the U.S. and India
                                      Food collection for a local community services center in Takoma Park, MD
                                      Programs for senior citizens
                                      Leadership opportunities for young people
                                      Social and cultural programs
     SAAA also has recreational activities at the SAAA property:
                                      Volley Ball
                                      Table Tennis
                                      Children's Play Area
                                      Garden Plots.


21200 Georgia Avenue,  Brookeville MD 20833 

Arthur Ganta,          Vice President​

Sudhir S. Pandit,   President

Sivalingam Milton,        Assistant Secretary

Nathan Purushothaman,  Director​

Dr. Devanand Jillapalli,  Director​