Southern Asia Adventist Association, Inc.

Established since 1961


Part of the mission of the Southern Asia Adventist Association is to support and encourage charitable activities. Specific charities that SAAA regularly supports are:

Gift of Food. At each monthly Sabbath service members and guests are invited to bring ONE item of non-perishable foods to the meeting. These are gathered and given to the local Adventist Community Center which in turn distributes them to those in need. Of course, all are welcome to give more than one item.

Disaster Relief. At times of natural disaster anywhere in the world, SAAA provides a conduit for members and guests to make contributions to relief programs. SAAA in turn sends such contributions to relief agencies, such as ADRA, local churches, or organizations abroad, to distribute to those in need.

Education Assistance. SAAA has been a conduit for channeling tuition assistance for needy students from generous donors. Much more can be done to provide needed education funds in the future through regular fundraising for this purpose. Many students are in need both in the U.S.and abroad.

Fund Raising for Building Schools. Several members are individually involved in building schools in India to serve those in need. SAAA provides a platform for  fund raising for these efforts.

Fund Raising for Building Churches. 
As in the fundraising for projects to build schools, SAAA provides a channel for individual members in their fundraising efforts to build churches.

Evangelism Assistance. 
Here again, SAAA supports individual members in their efforts to assist in special evangelistic and other Christian ministries by providing the platform and channel in their fundraising efforts.

Other Programs. SAAA is open to any other worthy projects that members bring to the association for consideration.

If any member has a charitable program they wish SAAA to assist with, please forward the details of the program to the President of SAAA so that the officers/board members may be assured that the program meets the provisions of the charter of the organization and is in compliance with IRS regulations. Upon such assurance, SAAA will post the program on the web site and/or in announcements of the association.

SAAA invites members and friends to participate in these and other charitable programs as provided for in the charter of the organization.


Donations may be made to SAAA designated for a specific program through one of the following ways:

1. By mail to: SAAA, P.O. Box 4818, Silver Spring, MD 20914
2. On line through a secured PayPal account.  CLICK ON THE DONATE TAB ON THE LEFT TO MAKE A SECURED DONATION.
3. In person when attending one of our monthly meetings