Southern Asia Adventist Association, Inc.

religious Activities

  • Dhaya Prasad, Chair   ​     240-264-1933

Established since 1961

Religious Direction of SAAA

The central activity of SAAA is the fellowship at the monthly Sabbath services and fellowship lunch. The Southern Asia Adventist Association holds its monthly services on the second Sabbath of every month at at Eglise Baptiste Du Calvaire, 10002 Riggs Road, Adelphi, Maryland 20783. The programs are arranged by the Religious committee who take great interest in bringing a variety of speakers to ensure the members of the association are fully fed by the divine Word of God.

The Sabbath morning begins with a devotion followed by a hearty breakfast. Members of the association take turns in arranging the breakfast and leading the group in a small devotion. This event sets the tone for the other events that follow.

Sabbath school follows next. The lessons are taught in three languages: English, Telugu and Tamil. Members attend one of the classes. The opportunity to discuss God’s Word in one’s own mother tongue is liked by many of its members.

Divine Service is the highlight of the day. It is a time of getting together in praise and worship. We hope that if you are reading this page – we look forward to you worshipping with us soon.  We also invite you to join in our fellowship meal following the worhsip service.