Southern Asia Adventist Association, Inc.

Social and Cultural

In keeping with the objectives of SAAA, every year, many social events are organized by SAAA elected officers. The SAAA Social committee comprising around 5 members, takes the lead in the planning and execution of most of these events, the most prominent of which are these:


Everyone is invited—singles, couples, all ages. 
We have a delicious meal and a elaborate entertainment program of songs, drama and more.  Come and enjoy the warmth of fellowship on a cold winter day. 
You will not want to miss this event !

ANNUAL SUMMER CAMP  (Organized by a Camp Committe.)

This occurs in the early part of August, endorses the SAAA bond among its members and well wishers.

The Christmas program, usually planned way before the traditional and popular December 25, reiterates the manifold blessings the God has showered on His believers.

Bridging these major events each year, are other events planned and organized by the SAAA social committee, such as movie nights, cookouts, and game nights. It is events like these that keep SAAA members united year after year.

Majorie Inparaj, Chair          202-383-5349

Established since 1961

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