Executive Team

Kingston Benjamin
President / Board Member

Kingston Benjamin, is the eldest son of Late Pastor Victor Benjamin and Mrs. Babsy Benjamin. He is a third-generation Adventist born into the pioneering Vedamuthu family from Mukuperi, Tamilnadu, India. After completing his university education at Spicer Memorial College, he moved to Takoma Park, United States in 1985. Kingston attended and soon joined SAAA as a member in 1988.

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Marjorie Inparaj
Vice President

Marjorie attended SAAA since arriving in the United States in 1967. Blue Ridge Camp was one of her highpoints and she got involved with activities such as cooking, crafts, hiking, swimming, dancing and decorating. Marjorie has served as Secretary, lead children’s Sabbath School, written plays and directed the Christmas programs and much more. As Vice President, she would like to see SAAA moving forward with vigor and unity to accomplish greater things in our community.

Ponraj Maharajan

Maharajan Ponraj was born in Prakasapuram, South India where the first Adventist Church established its roots in India. Since his arrival to the United States in March 1971, he has been an active member of SAAA. He has actively participated and supported in all the affairs of the Association and held various positions, Assistant Treasurer to President of the Association in 2000. 

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Praktan Kokila
Assistant Treasurer

Praktan Kokila has been a member of SAAA from 1990, the year he migrated to the US. He has served as Secretary of SAAA from 2018-2020 and is currently the Assistant Treasurer. He has studied in many SDA institutions such as Burman University in Canada, Washington Adventist University, and Loma Linda University in California. He currently works in IT for a Healthcare Company. He and his parents, Devaprasad and Pauline Kokila live locally and are members and supporters of the SAAA Association.

Bina Palivela
Assistant Secretary

Pauline Kokila

Pauline Kokila attended SAAA ever since she migrated to USA in June 1988. In 1990 Kokila family became members of the Association and proud to members of this family since then. She retired in 2014 and currently serves the Association as Assistant Secretary. She is also proud to be one of the great granddaughters of the Injety couple who were among the first people to be baptized as Adventists in 1919 in Lakkavaram.

Premila Pedapudi
Public Relations Officer

Premila Pedapudi has worked for the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 36 years, both in India and the United States. God influenced her spiritually, growing her skills in preaching, teaching and ministering to others. Her ministries in the Church consisted of being an Associate pastor, Elder, Associate deaconess, Women’s Ministries Director of local church, Pathfinder director, Potomac conference Area Coordinator and many others. She is supported by her husband, son and two daughters, sons-in-law and an adorable grandson. Her greatest pleasures are being with family, singing, reading, cooking, traveling and fulfilling God’s will.

Board Members

Krupavaram Meessarapu
Chairman of the Board

Krupavaram Meesarapu was born in Nuzvid to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob and Kantharathnamma Meesarapu. Mr. Jacob was a first generation Adventist, converted and baptized by the Missionary Dr. T. R. Flaiz. After completing college in India he worked as an Accountant at GMH and at South India Union in Bangalore. Krupavaram married Clara Ninala, who also was born to a first generation Adventists. Krupavaram and Clara were blessed with three children, Praveen, Preethie, and Malini, and six lovely grandchildren. 

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Paulson Tharapatla
Board Member

Born in Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, India. Migrated to USA in 1971. Has been an active member of SAAA since 1973. At various times, served as its Vice-President, Board Chairman, Board Member, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Finance Committee Member and Building Committee Member. Before retiring in 2018, Paulson had worked in many non-profit organizations and Labor Unions as bookkeeper, accountant, director of finance and controller. Currently enjoying a retired life with his wife, Muriel. 

Neeraja Jillapalli
Board Member

Swinitha Osuri
Board Member

Swinitha Osuri is an active member of SAAA since 1969 when she came to the US from Sri-Lanka. She served on numerous committees and was the Vice President in 1984 when SAAA got its Tax-Exempt Status. She is currently on the Religious Activities and Building Committees. She worked for 41 years at the World Bank and one of the highlights of her career was to develop and conduct workshops on creating respectful work places in Washington, and over 27 of its Country Offices. She is active in her Church through the India Mission Board, helping slum churches in Calcutta. She also volunteers with Homes Not Borders and tutors refugees and helps set up homes for them. She is married to Dr. Michael Osuri and they have three sons and seven grandees, who are the light of her life!

Pierson Tharapatla
Board Member

Pierson Tharapatla has been a member of SAAA for over 45 years, has seen and experienced the ups and downs that the Association went through. He arrived in the USA in 1972 and has worked at the Iranian Embassy, GEICO Insurance Co and finally for 30 years at the American Federation of Teachers from where he retired in 2015. As a member of SAAA, he served twice as its vice president, several times as board member, once as its chair, several times as religious committee chair and once as camp director. He enjoys SAAA meetings as it provides him with an opportunity to connect with friends and relatives from India and enjoy worshipping with them. He is retired now and lives with his wife Patricia in Silver Spring, Maryland. His two daughters along with their families also live close by.

Don Injety
Board Member

As a new arrival from India in the mid-80's, SAAA was a place that made him feel comfortable and provided that connection back to his motherland. Don has been a regular member of SAAA since the mid- to late 80's. He immensely enjoys the annual camp and other SAAA activities throughout the year. Over the years, he served as Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and Board Member. Don is a strong supporter of the vision that our pioneers had to have a place of our own. As such, he actively supports the Building Project and is a member of the Building Committee. Don currently serves as one of the Board Members. Don and his wife Shyamala along with their three children Shannon, Brandon and Ryan are faithful members and supporters of SAAA.

Starlet Vedamuthu
Board Member

Starlet Nahomie Isaac Vedamuthu has been part of the SAAA community from 1967, the year of her move from Tamil Nadu, India, to Takoma Park, Maryland. She is the daughter of Mr. William Muller Isaac, past President of SAAA, and Mrs. Annammal P. Isaac. She is an active member of SAAA and has served one term as Assistant Treasurer and has headed the Food Committee and Social Committee. Besides supporting the activities of SAAA, Starlet with her husband Jeyasingh Vedamuthu and their adult children Ivy and Jason are involved in aiding people in need and TV ministries.

Maharajan Ponraj
Board Member

Maharajan Ponraj was born in Prakasapuram, South India where the first Adventist Church established its roots in India. Since his arrival to the United States in March 1971, he has been an active member of SAAA. He has actively participated and supported in all the affairs of the Association and held various positions, Assistant Treasurer to President of the Association in 2000.

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Jeyasingh Vedamuthu
Board Member

Jeyasingh Vedamuthu joined SAAA in 1975, the year of his move from Tamil Nadu, India, to Takoma Park, Maryland. Since then, he has served in various capacities to help SAAA grow. As an active member of SAAA, he has served as Chairman of the Religious Committee, Director of the camp, Member of the Board, Member of the Building Project Committee and finally served as President of SAAA. Besides supporting the activities of SAAA, Jeyasingh with his wife Starlet Vedamuthu and his adult children Ivy and Jason are involved in aiding people in need. They are also committed to the advancement of the gospel work in India, especially in unentered areas.

Committee Chairs

Selvin Inparaj
Religious Commitee

Joy Devaraj
Social Commitee

Dr. Devanand Jillipalli
Project Commitee

Rajee Thomas
Hospitality Sabbath Potluck Committee

Rajee Thomas is an active member of SAAA since she migrated to the United states in November of 1975. She completed her nursing degree at Giffard Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Nuzvid, India. After 40 years of service at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryalnd, she now enjoyes her retirment and invovlement with SAAA through its hospitality services. 

Kingston Benjamin and Praktan Kokila
Building Fundraising Committee

Southern Asia Adventist Association

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