SAAA Monthly Recognition Illustrated

Mr. William Muller Isaac

William Muller Isaac immigrated to the United States in 1965. He attended Washington Adventist University (formerly Columbia Union College), majoring in business education. After graduation, he worked thirty-seven years in the United Planning organization as a controller, auditor and advisor. His wife Annammal Ponniah and four daughters joined him in 1967 and they created a home for themselves in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Mr. Isaac was a man of many talents. He worked in the shoe industry in Coonoor, managed the metal industry work in Poona, supervised the building of the Ottapalam SDA Hospital as well as led out weekly religious services. His interests included baking cakes and other sweet treats, reading books, traveling, along with sewing clothes for his children.

From 1944-1965, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac served in the Southern Asia Division. Mr. Isaac worked as a Pastor, an Evangelist, and the Voice of Prophecy Secretary, establishing and strengthening 25 churches in several parts of South India. In 1950 due to illness their first 3 young children passed away.

He was the SAAA President during 1984 and 1985, was the treasurer for four years, Chairman of the Board, as well as Property Management Council. During this time, he also helped establish the SAAA registration with the Federal and State governments and received its tax exemption status.

Mr. Isaac was a man of God, a leader to many, a friend to all and a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. He will always be known for his passion to help others and his great service to the community.

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